I was in Wal-Mart today to buy a birthday present for my four-year-old’s friend. As I was walking down the Barbie aisle, I spied a remake of a Barbie case I had when just a wee child. Memories flooded my head. It was the last one so I grabbed it, delighted with my find.

When I scanned it at the self check-out, a message came up that said “Sell Not Allowed.” Confused, I called over the clerk. He used his badge to scan it. Same message. He called over the supervisor who scanned it at the main register. Same message. Answer: “We cannot sell this to you.”

It appears that this particular item has been recalled by Mattel for a safety issue. It didn’t matter that I was buying it for me, not a child. It didn’t matter that I owned one just like it as a child. It didn’t matter that I had a crazed, desperate look on my face. The store clerks were not going to let me buy it. I have not wanted something so bad for a very long time. I left the store crushed.

It looks like I’ll have to rely on E-Bay for this purchase. Sigh.

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  1. How rude that you couldn’t buy that box – it looks like one a lunch would be proud to be carried in…love it!

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