The 80’s Obsession

Sis and her friends have a serious obsession with the 1980’s. I don’t know where or how it’s fueled, but it is there. Last night they attended a Halloween dance and all dressed up in 1980’s attire. When they walked through the room, Mister and I both exclaimed “That’s not the 80’s!” To be fair, I was 15 to 25 years-old in the decade of the 1980’s. I was in high school and college through the first half of the decade. I think I have a pretty good idea of what 1980’s fashion entails.
When I think of the 1980’s I visualize the fashions below: Lots of beads and bangles, shirts and sweatshirts off one shoulder with a tank underneath, bright neon colors, big hair, thick headbands (fabric or bandanas), whitewash jeans, thick leg warmers, shoulder pads, thick belts hanging on the hips. Examples: Madonna, Flashdance, Let’s Get Physical Olivia.

Below is Sis and her friend’s attempt at 1980’s fashion. The first photo is from last night. The second photo is an attempt last year, which I think is closer than last night’s attempt.I mean, really, whose idea was the tight shorts? We didn’t wear tight, short spandex shorts over tights. And the headbands? Those are elastic, not fabric. And they’re thin, not thick. The sweatshirts are not belted, and they are not cut up and hanging off one shoulder. And knee-high socks are not leg warmers. And where is the big hair? They all have the Marsha Brady hair that is so popular with girls today. We were so past Marsha. Sis doesn’t even use product in her hair. Then she wonders why her curls fall out so quickly. Sigh. I guess I need to give some lessons.
Below is Sis dressed up for a 1980’s party back in 2005. Now that’s more like it. But I believe it’s because Mom was the fashion consultant, not Sis’s 15 year-old, born in 1996-97, friends.

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