The Never Ending Saga of Female Drama

After listening to my daughter’s latest vent about the latest teenage girl drama that she is dealing with, I came to this sad conclusion: teenage drama doesn’t end. In fact, teenage drama doesn’t even exist. Female drama exists. Female drama starts before girls even enter elementary school, and female drama continues until wrinkles cover every inch of a woman’s body. We females can’t get away from it. We can’t live without it. We breathe it. It is our very essence.

So what advice do you give your daughter who is in the throes of another high-drama incident? I wish I knew what to tell her to make her feel better. Unfortunately, what I tell her doesn’t really calm her. It starts with: be patient; be kind; be the nice friend; give her the benefit of the doubt; remember that hormones control females. Those phrases evolve to: being kind doesn’t mean you have to be her friend. That phrase evolves to: she won’t change; stay away from her; find new friends. And finally, out of desperation the cold, hard fact comes out: it never changes. The drama today will be there tomorrow and next week and next month and next year. The faces will change, but the drama will stay the same. Sigh.

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