Trying to Be Like Jesus

Most days it’s pretty hard to be like Jesus, especially when it comes to relationships. We are commanded to love our neighbors. We are commanded to turn the other cheek. We are commanded to forgive others. We are reminded that unless we have charity, we are nothing. That, in the end, nothing else we have done in this life will matter if we don’t have charity.

So it can be a little tricky to figure out exactly what Jesus would do in a particular situation. For instance, what would Jesus really do with a self-absorbed, fair-weather friend who is nice to you one day, but ignores you the next? Or talks to you earlier in the day, but later in the evening, at an event, when more interesting people are around, completely ignores you? You’re considered a “close friend,” but you hear that you’re talked about behind your back.

Would Jesus just keep forgiving them and letting them back in his life, allowing them to consistently treat him abominably? When can you finally say “I’m done?” And would Jesus talk about the abominable treatment? Or would he keep it all to himself, allowing it to bottle up inside of him?

And what about people who emotionally abuse you? What would Jesus really do? Would he keep them around? Or would he remove himself from the relationship? Would he keep all of the abuse to himself, or would he talk it through, whether with a professional, or a with trusted friend? And would Jesus be able to just move on and truly forgive even though the other person refuses to acknowledge any wrong-doing whatsoever?

Of course, the answer to all of this is “Yes.” Yes, because, after all, Jesus is perfect. And Jesus “is” charity, the Pure Love of Christ. And I’m not any of those things. So, as I said before, most days it’s pretty hard to be like Jesus.

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