What I have learned from Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth

I first learned about Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth in June 2013, and have since been studying the concepts and practicing them. When I learn something new I tend to consume as much information as I can about the subject, and then apply it to my life, holding on to some concepts and discarding others. Below are some of the things that I have learned about EP and some of the concepts that I have embraced and discarded in DYT.

Energy Profiling: Initially I thought that the four Types were personality descriptions. However, I have come to understand that Energy Profiling does not describe who you are, it describes how you do things. Another word I would use is Aura: The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. This means that different personality types can share the same energy. Thus, different personalities will share the same way that they do things, although those things may be different. For instance, the Type 4 energy demonstrates a perfecting quality, but that perfecting quality will be manifested in very different interests or hobbies (needlework, music, computer programming, golfing, cooking, etc) . At first I assumed that every Type would like to do the same things. Nope. Everyone has a different personality, and therefore different interests. Just because I don’t like to run in marathons, it doesn’t mean that all Type 4’s don’t like to run in marathons. Just because I love to listen to music, it doesn’t mean that all Type 4’s love to listen to music, or like the same music for that matter. Just because I’m freakishly clean and organized, it doesn’t mean that every Type 4 is freakishly clean and organized. We are all different people.

The other thing I learned about Energy Profiling is that your secondary type greatly influences how you do things. So two Type 4’s who have different secondaries can actually be quite different in how they do things as their secondaries come into play. Again, initially I assumed that every person within an energy type would be very similar in how they do things. Nope. A T4/1 can actually be quite different from a T4/2 or a T4/3. For instance, a T4/3 asked the question: “If you were in the middle of cleaning out your garage and a friend called to go to lunch, would you accept the invitation and go to lunch, or would you decline the invitation and continue to clean out your garage because that was your plan?” She said that she would decline and continue to clean out her garage. I said that I would accept and clean the garage another time or day. The difference is that the secondary 3 gets in there and gets the planned job done versus the secondary 1’s random change of plans to go socialize with friends.

Dressing Your Truth¬† was an “Ah Ha” moment for me when I first learned about it. It was a reminder of who I am and what I like. Through my adult years I have allowed other people’s expectations and desires to cloud who I really am. DYT helped me rediscover who I am and what I like. It was very refreshing. I love the Type 4 color palette and have energetically introduced the colors into my wardrobe. I had forgotten how much I love color and contrast and had allowed myself to become bogged down in neutral colors, including browns, beiges and grays, which I had always recognized as unflattering on me anyway.

However, while learning about DYT I have also come to realize that not every concept is going to fit with you and your style or taste, and that you can discard certain concepts based on your age or physical characteristics. For instance, although Type 4’s can wear black eyeliner both above and below the eyelash line, I have found that, due to my age, it is best if I only wear it above my eyelash line. My eyes open up wider. Also, I do not like white eyeshadow, and I do not like it all over my eyelid, especially underneath my eyebrow. True to my instinct, pink tones look better on my lid, as well as purples and mauves on my lower lid.

I’m still trying to figure out what lip liner’s purpose is. I have always been a lipstick and lip gloss gal. From my late teens and early twenties, I have always worn bright red and pink lipstick, often with no other make-up. I had never worn lip liner until I learned about DYT, but I don’t see a difference with my lipstick with lip liner and without lip liner. So why use it? It’s just an added, unnecessary cost…for me.

Furthermore, my hair is naturally straight, but I like to perm it at least once a year to give it body, and to change up my hairstyle. I don’t like to wear my hair in the same style every day. And I’m lazy. Some days I don’t want to style it. I just want to crimp the curls and go. People have questioned why I don’t let my hair go naturally straight and then style it accordingly. Because I don’t want to. Just because Type 4’s are to have a blunt style, doesn’t mean that I have to wear a blunt style everyday. And I’m a secondary 1, so I can wear curls, and I do.

And shapes: quite frankly, I love hoops and I love circles. I’m not really into elongated ovals. Most of my jewelry has circle shapes and will continue to have circle shapes. There is no way that I am giving up my pearls either. And I’m not into the big, bold jewelry. I have always had a classic style and intend to keep it that way. I have never really been a big jewelry person anyway. I have lots of jewelry that I don’t really wear.

I also have a pile of khaki beige pants that I love, particularly the style. I’m going to hang onto those and wear them with my dark navy items. I think that it will look great with red accents. I am my own authority after all.

Finally, I have discovered that just because you have learned how to Dress Your Truth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have developed a fashion sense. Some people have great fashion sense, and some not so much. So even though there are great concepts and tools to help people dress and present themselves in their true energy, it doesn’t always look the same. And that is okay. As long as it helps people feel great about themselves.

I will continue to Dress My Truth and live my Type 4 energy. I am grateful that I found EP and DYT. I have studied  different personality, color and fashion systems through the years, and I have found that EP and DYT resonate with me more than any of the others. It is definitely a keeper.

Update: I do feel that the DYT Community has a tendency to put people into boxes and assume things about a person based on their energy type. They think that every single type is exactly the same and therefore treats them accordingly. It’s annoying.

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