The reality sunk in even deeper tonight that it is time to purchase a new vehicle. This came after Mister informed me that he and the boys found yet another a problem with our Toyota Sienna. The passenger door on the driver’s side won’t lock. I thought I would try it out when I went to the grocery store tonight. Sure enough, regardless of how you lock the doors, that door stays unlocked. I feel secure now.

SiennaThis problem is just another addition to the list. Only one bulb works on the dashboard (don’t know how fast I’m driving at night–$250 to get bulbs changed); all four tires are bald ($500 for new ones), the driver’s side window has been known to not close (waiting for that to occur again when it is below freezing temps outside); one of the back lights has a hole in it (Mister got a quote on that and it was ridiculous); the back hatch door won’t open fully so you hit your head on it if you’re not careful (that can be painful). Did I also mention that we’re over 102,000 miles?

I have had a Sienna minivan for 10 years this month. I have had my present one for 7 1/2 years. Even though the new Siennas are sweet, I am tired of minivans. I want an SUV. I want luggage room, and I don’t want to keep a Thule Cargo Box on my roof all the time making it impossible to park in some parking garages, and impossible to use most automatic car washes.

But gas is around $3.00/gallon and will probably never go below that mark again…only above. Insurance will be more, gas mileage will be less. People will yell at me because I’m not being responsibly green.

Do you, once again, make the rational, cost-effective decision? Or do you live a little and buy what you really want? That is the question.


  1. I don’t know. I’m in this family and I really have to admit, the Sienna is overly annoying, but thankfully, I’ve learned patience. So, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, have patience until about May next year when 2008 to 2009 models are REQUIRED to have 35 miles per gallon, at least, that’s how it is with Chevrolets. That way you can think green and have pleasure, or so I say.

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