I have been patiently awaiting the release of this movie. I suppose that it intrigues me because it is a commentary on today’s society and the technology that is a part of our daily lives, namely small video cameras, video on small cameras, camera phones, etc. We can document things as they happen. We don’t need to wait for the local news truck to show up anymore. We create the news.

Update: Mister and I saw the movie Saturday, January 19. It was entertaining enough. I enjoyed I AM Legend much more, however. It was also scarier than Cloverfield. I never had to cover my eyes in this movie.

People were annoyed by the camera movements, and by the movie’s ending. However, the director purposefully wanted to make it seem that an “everyman” took the footage, not a cameraman or director. Also, since it states at the beginning of the movie that the footage was found in Central Park, it’s obvious that the main characters don’t survive. Mister commented that if our audience had pitchforks at the end of the movie, they would have run the screen with them in hand. There were a lot of angry comments.

I read enough reviews and interviews beforehand to know what JJ Abrams was trying to create in this movie, so I wasn’t upset by it. At least he is introducing a different concept, although it has been described as “Godzilla meets Blair Witch Project.”

The theater showed two movie previews of the same old kinds of movies that come out every few months . . . Hellboy 2 (which at first I thought was another X-men movie), and Ironman, another Marvel comic movie. From what I observed of the audience, those are the kinds of movies that entertain them. This audience doesn’t want “art.” They want action and special effects–which this movie did have–with a weak plot line–which this one kind of had. But, Cloverfield had enough art in it that the general audience couldn’t stomach it.

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  1. I too patiently awaited the movie, I remember seeing a preview for it when I went and saw Transformers and was extremely curious as to what it could be. I went by myself and saw the first showing on opening day. It kept me entertained and there wasn’t really ever a dull moment. The ending, however, left me a bit disappointed. Let’s just hope JJ Abrams does a good job for whatever ending is in store for the ABC series Lost.

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