BYU Jerusalem Study Abroad

It’s been 20 years this winter since I participated in the BYU Winter Semester Study-Abroad Program in Jerusalem, Israel. That experience remains in my top ten life list. Not only did it make a big impact on my life at the time, but I also enjoyed the experience immensely and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

My group was in Jerusalem during the beginnings of the first Intifadeh, so we experienced things like Old City strikes, tear-gas, tire burning, bus stoning, curfews, canceled trips. We never felt like we were in danger, however. We actually sought out trouble for the excitement of it all.

We were also one of the first groups to stay in the brand, new Jerusalem Center. There were 130 girls, and 30 boys. I was one of three RM sisters, so I had a lot of gals approach me for advice on whether they should serve a mission.

Fun times. Freedom within structure. Good people. Great professors. I would love to visit the Holy Land again with my family. I hope that one day we can make it a reality.

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