Nostalgic Summers

Over the past few years I have been homesick for my childhood, and especially for childhood summers. The temperatures were manageable, there were no wildfires, there were summer rainstorms, you didn’t hear about insane disasters occurring across the country, or the world for that matter. You could travel the country without worrying about driving into wildfires, torrential rain, or sandstorms. It was pre-climate change, and it was a pretty great life.

Light on the street, keep me blind
Sand at my feet, you’re running me out of town
Out of my mind
Thousands of leaves, they bury me under her eyes
Mild breeze is telling me it’s not my time
She’s not mine

I’m lost in the sea of sweet design
Smoke that I breathe awakens me and she’s divine
But she’s not mine

Heaven up above, may lift my thoughts of you
Hand that touched the earth
Make me lovely and touch me, too
Make me crystal pure, cast my heart anew

Day by day, I’ll turn my dreams
Into a ministry of her love

Lyrics: Karen O and Danger Mouse


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