Children and Fire Alarms

The article below (2021) is very disturbing for parents. I am going to do a fire alarm test while my children are sleeping. If they do not wake up, I will be looking for voice alarms. We leave the older ones to babysit Little Sis at least once a week, and sometimes don’t return home until after midnight when “everyone” has been asleep for a few hours.

Update, April, 2008: At around 1:35 a.m., an alarm went off in the street below our hotel room in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii. It was very loud. Mister and I immediately awoke from a dream state. The alarm lasted for about 10 minutes. I even went into the room where the children were sleeping and looked out the window. Not one of them awoke the entire time, even 15-year-old Junior. They slept through the entire ruckus.

High-Frequency Tone Smoke Alarms Are Not Effective in Waking Sleeping Pre-Teenage Children

Research indicates high-frequency tone alarms awaken only 56% of children and prompt 55% to “escape” from the bedroom.

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