The Pyrocene Era

“After Orson Hyde was ordained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, he wrote in a Church periodical that among the signs or judgments of God will be serious losses caused by “whirlwinds and tempests, and devouring fire. The seasons [will also] be more irregular and uncertain in causing the earth to yield her bounty, for the sustenance of her inhabitants,” he said. Joseph Smith reaffirms that devouring fire will be a sign of the last days. In 1839 he mentioned a vision he was granted by the Lord wherein he witnessed “fires burning” before the Ancient of Days came to hold the great council at Adam-ondi-Ahman.”
Brown, Matthew B. Prophecies: Signs of the Times, Second Coming, Millenium

From the article: ‘The fire equivalent of an ice age’: Humanity enters a new era of fire | By Shannon Osaka, Michael E. Miller and Beatriz RÍos | The Washington Post

When the sky over New York City turned a thick, silty orange on Wednesday, 8 million residents woke up in a new era. Until this week, the East Coast had remained cocooned, thousands of miles away from the walls of choking smoke that have become commonplace in Washington state, California, Oregon and British Columbia. Not anymore.
The East Coast, along with the rest of the planet, has entered a new fire era, or — as Stephen Pyne, an emeritus professor at Arizona State University, calls it — the “Pyrocene.”
Fires have burned on Earth throughout its history, reshaping its landscape. But rising temperatures from fossil fuel burning and other human activities have tilted the balance, making wildfires more frequent and intense.
As a result, humans are feeling the impact of wildfires far from where they ignite. The blazes are also moving into areas that are normally waterlogged or frozen, pushing species closer to extinction and erasing some of the gains people have made in curbing pollution.
“We are creating the fire equivalent of an ice age,” Pyne said.
Sooner, rather than later, it may all start to feel normal. There will be a smoke season, just like there is now an allergy season, Pyne said. Fires will become a part of the rhythm of our everyday lives.
Prescribed burns, dramatically cutting carbon emissions — all of that will help soften the changes to come. But there is no getting around the fact that most of humanity is now plunged into an extra fiery age. “We have created a Pyrocene,” Pyne wrote. “Now we have to live in it.”

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